The world has changed but has your content strategy? 3 action steps for your business post- pandemic.

The Global pandemic has changed the way we live for sure, but has especially flipped the switch on what and how we consume information. 


So, how does your business keep up? Is it even worth the effort and expense? You may know that social media and digital marketing are not going anywhere. Fight as much as you try,  your business is going to have to face the social and content beast whether it’s today or in 2 years time.


You may just post randomly on social media for your business because you know you need to, but you’re not really sure why or how to properly measure your efforts. It gets demotivating, especially when the 2nd hand car shop down the road has 10k+ followers.

From our expert experience, here are 3 of our best action steps that you can apply to your business today:

Value Value Value (value).

The truth is that if you can’t meet the needs of a customer, there are another 5 companies on google who can. You can’t chase a sale and expect loyalty from customers, if you are not offering something in return.


Here are some general ways that you can UP your value no- matter what your business:


Monthly discounts, this could be around or after payday to encourage the sale. Times are tough and you may not always be able to make a financial offering BUT do the maths, check the books and see if it’s a 5% discount, a ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ deal or perhaps there is an item that isn’t selling well that you can add in for free to sweeten the deal. Maybe you can offer a free consultation or an ebook or add an hour extra to a service agreement, to show value to long-term clients. (And to help to keep them.).


See your digital users as people. Remember that it takes around 7-10 digital touch points for a conversion to happen, so you need to be in the content game for the long run. This keeps your brand top of mind and develops relationships, which is the goal.

Content is everywhere.

Don’t overthink it. Whether your business supplies a service or sells a product, the stories and the content that you need is right under your nose. Don’t look elsewhere or purchase crazy media packages with generic images that you don’t connect with and your audience for sure won’t connect with.


Here are some ideas on how to identify content for your business right now:


* If you sell a product then you should be taking fresh and interesting images of your products as often as you can. These can easily be used for social media posts, to add to any emails or pricing flyers that you may need while ensuring that your potential customers can visually identify with your business. Have fun with it, test the results and see which images resonate with your audience best.


*If you provide a service, then document that service during the process. It may be around your drivers or people on your team- be transparent (safely) and show the world what you’re about. Let potential customers into your business, so they want to be a part of what you have going on.


*Customer/ user-generated content- ask your clients to send you some photos or videos of them using your product or some form of interaction. Most people would be happy to do this and you can mention them in the content- piece. This is a “word of mouth” concept where people can see how other people interact with your product. For services, ask customers for reviews to add to social media.

Get a content roadmap.

You will need to align a variety of elements together to create an effective content strategy and content plan. A content strategy strategically maps out and forms the foundations of all your digital communication as a company. It aligns with objectives, digital goals, audience behaviour, content pillars, keywords, rich content etc. A content plan takes all of these elements and encapsulates them into a monthly plan with posts and design supporting the content strategy.


Some questions you may want to ask yourself:


Who are you posting to? What is the business goal of your post? Does each post have one main concept that is being communicated? Is the content in line with the branding of the company? Are topics in line with pillars of the brand?


By thinking more strategically about what you are posting, where, why and how often, you will be able to add much more purpose, intention and power behind your posts. You will also be able to use analytics to measure which posts, pillars and even designs are most effective in meeting your business and digital objectives.

Where to start?

  • You need someone who will be responsible for the social media of your business. It makes things tricky when there are too many cooks in the kitchen, it confuses the audience and is not aligned to brand tone or content strategy. At Torque Social, we are able to assist you in creating a content strategy for your brand and to assist in any training needs for your social media person.


  • Have a look at past analytics and see what content resulted in the most website or digital goals or conversions. Observe why the content was successful and try to recreate it in a variety of new ways.


  • Ask your community or your staff for ideas or ways to improve. Make people feel involved in your evolution.


  • Use these analytics, content strategy and content plan to draw insights to promote content on your social media pages. Even if it’s R100 a week to a targeted audience, where the content is aligned to business objectives. The truth is without promoting your content, people won’t see it.

Okay, that was a lot to take in but we encourage you to start with these steps to pivot your business’ content and social media trajectory today. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and if you need some guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE consultation

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